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These are some of the products that we use everyday in our studio and on location.  They have proven to be reliable and trustworthy, and we highly recomend them.  Please send us comments on your experiences with them, or on other products you have found useful.  We are always looking for new toys  ;)

 The White Balance Card is a MUST have for any serious photographer.  The Photovision card folds up nicely into a 10" x 1" soft case that fits easily in my camera bag, or other case.  It takes a little practice to fold up again once it "springs open" but with a little practice (or advice from your 10 year old son), and it is a piece of cake.

 The 60D is a true professional camera.  Many will say that this is a high-end consumer camera, but the reality is that it rivals the high end cameras of just a few years ago.  I use this a a backup to my 5D, and ofter feel that in many ways it is superior.  The controls are similar yet seem more intuitive than the 5D's.  It also seems easier to use in video mode.  Only drawback is that it is not a full-frame sensor, but I rarely miss that.

 This is an absolutely outstanding lens!  While it is great to have the "white" Canon lenses with their superior coatings and Image Stabilizaiton, for about 1/4 the price this lens is just as fast.  Under most conditions you would be hard pressed to see the difference.  The auto focus is fast, it is whisper quiet, and the image quality is consistent throughout the range.  I use this lens for almost all my sporting events, and even a lot of portraits.  When you want that really short depth of field, it is great to have the f/2.8 lens.

 The 5D is the work horse of our business.  The camera is fast, great is low light, and extremely versital.  I encounter many people using lots of differnt cameras when ever I am on a shoot, and everyone always comments that they wish they were using a 5D.  When using many differnt cameras at a shoot, I can always pick out the ones we shot with the 5D because they are so much better than all the rest.  My only complaints are that it seems to go through batteries very fast.  I seem to get about twice the battery life on the 60D as on the 5D (using the same batteries).  The other thing is that it uses the Compact Flash memory instead of SD.  Everything else I own uses SD, so I need to carry around CF cards just for the 5D.  Also, most laptops today will read an SD card directly, so I need to carry a separate reader for my 5D.  Other than that - it is the perfect camera for all my applications.

 The Epson Artison has a lot of really nice features.  It has a single pull out paper tray that holds both letter and 4x6 sheets at the same time.  You can switch back and forth without having to remove paper.  Downsides are that the paper trays are not very deep so they do not hold much, and the 6 ink catridges (5 color plus black) run out constantly, and of course at different times.  The end result is that every few pages you have to change out one of the catridges.  The print quality is very good.  And it supports the airport so you can print wirelessly from you PC, IPAD, IPhone, etc.  Overall a good choice for not a lot of money.

 Like all computers - wait a year and they are half the price.  Which is why I paid double what it goes for now.  I really like this laptop.  Having used them all: Dell, IBM, HP, ACER.  This one has a great keyboard.  the screen is super bright, and the battery life is very good.  It is a bit heavy, but that was not my primary concern as I wanted the power for digital processing.

Starting using the Canon 7D in addition to my 5Dii and 60D.  I really like this camera a lot.  The button to toggle RAW on/off is a great feature.  Biggest downside so far seems to be battery life as it seems to be about half as long as my other cameras.  



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